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Signature drinks is an on-premise customer channel and marketing group with a competitive portfolio of products, promotions and a menu 4 a venue. Signature drinks is only available to on premise customers who purchase through a NILWA wholesaler.

Who is NILWA?

NILWA is a national group of independent wholesalers, established for over 20 years, working with key suppliers to provide products and services to on premise customers.


Benefits of Signature Drinks

With a diverse product range of core and premium brands specifically selected for the on-premise channel, we offer Signature Drinks customers a competitive buying solution backed with point of sale, merchandise and occasion specific promotional opportunities.



With a portfolio of 1,200 + feature brands with ongoing ranging discounts


A one stop shop for all beverages (Beer, Cider, RTD, NARTD, Spirits, Wine)
One invoice, one delivery
Flexible and multiple delivery options
A dedicated sales account manager
Local wholesaler
Supported by a national head office


Point of sale material designed for on premise
Annual promotional program
Training and Events


Ongoing discounts on feature brands
Competitive pricing

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